Kosho Kai Karate

Traditional Karate Classes in Central Illinois

Kosho Kai Karate Practice Area

Discover the key to self-defense, fitness, and holistic wellness with Kosho Kai Karate. We are a private club that offers traditional karate classes in Central Illinois. We are very passionate at what we do, so you can be sure that we will do everything we can to help you reach your personal goals. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our students’ lives.  For more information see us on Facebook or contact us at sensei@koshokaikarate.com or at 309 353-8639. We look forward to teaching you!

Who We Are

Kosho Kai Karate was founded in 1997 by Frank and Patricia Fink and is a private club built on over 40 years of experience in the martial arts. We offer traditional karate classes to adults and children ages three and above.  In addition, we offer:

  • Mini-Tigers (for Children Ages Three to Five)
  • RSVP (Women’s Self-Defense)
  • Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons)
  • Koshiki (Combatives)
  • Tournament Competition
  • Katame-do Jujitsu
  • Catch Wrestling

What We Teach

Okinawan Matsumura Seito Shorin-ryu is an ancient rural style of karate that is taught as a highly aesthetic art form. It was heavily influenced by cultural tradition and is incredibly effective for personal protection. Meanwhile, Shuri-ryu karate is a highly stylized sport form of karate that emphasizes athleticism and competition.

Both of these karate styles are taught in their original forms in the Kosho Kai Karate curriculum. This two-pronged approach to karate results in a well-rounded program that combines fitness, self-defense, sport, authentic tradition, and fun.

How Students See Us

We value every student we have at Kosho Kai Karate. That’s why people put their trust in us. Read what our students think about our classes.

“My daughter loves the dojo and not only the family who runs it but the family of students, parents, etc. The instructors are top-notch and the best at what they do.”

– Kristin M.

Karate Styles

Karate, the Japanese word assigned to the Okinawan discipline of self-defense in the early 20th century, has evolved along three distinct paths in response to the wants and needs of its practitioners. Classical art, combat sport, and civil self-defense are the three branches of development. Frank and Patricia Fink, our club’s founders, have collectively dedicated over sixty years to the study of this fascinating art.

The personal experiences of the proprietors have brought them through numerous stages, allowing them to thoroughly study the aesthetic, combative, competitive, and self-development components of karate. They’ve collaborated to create a diverse and adaptable curriculum that allows adult and youth students to customize their karate experience to their own goals.