Schedules and Fees for Our Programs

Experience first-rate training at Kosho Kai Karate. We have seasoned and skilled instructors to guide you in learning the art of karate. You can get in touch with us to talk about the classes you want to take.

Our Classes

Classes at Kosho Kai Karate are sold in sessions of 16 that take eight weeks to complete. Register now to join our classes. You can save money by purchasing multiple sessions from us.

Lady of Kosho Kai Karate

Class Rates

  • One Session (16 Classes) – $100.00
  • Two Sessions (32 Classes) – $180.00*

*Introductory offer: New students signing up for this option receive a free uniform.

Additional Family Members Discount Rates

  • One Session (16 Classes) – $60.00
  • Two Sessions (32 Classes) – $100.00

One-Day-per-Week Session Rates

  • One Session (8 Classes) – $70.00
  • Two Sessions (16 Classes) – $120.00

Additional Programs

Kobudo (Weapons): These sessions consist of eight Tuesday classes over the course of eight weeks. Participants must be current members of the club, have at least a yellow belt in karate, and be at least 10 years old. There is no additional cost.

Karate Forward: These classes are only held on Fridays and are solely for adults and teenagers. This program focuses on practical self-defense and includes contact sparring and combat tactics at various ranges, including striking, clinching, and groundwork. There is no additional cost.

RSVP (Rape/Sexual Violence Prevention): This course is only offered upon request. RSVP is made up of eight one-hour lessons that lead to a complete skills test. A minimum of four people is required to participate (women aged 13 and over only). There is no charge for this.